About Julie

Like most artists, I can trace my interest in drawing, painting and design to my earliest memories. I developed my painting and design skills through my college years, my first job at Hallmark Cards, Inc. and then as a freelance artist designing for paper products like greeting cards and calendars. Now I am creating collections for the home decor market, which includes a wide range of products for the home as well as the garden.

I have worked with a number of mediums in my career but watercolor is by far my favorite. It is at times a difficult medium to control, but that is part of the experience and excitement in discovering surprises and even "mistakes" that can become a beautiful and integral part of an illustration.

I was born and raised in the Midwest, but after vacationing in the Pacific Northwest one summer I discovered Seattle was my perfect home. Inspiration is everywhere in our temperate and coastal climate. I strive to reflect nature's beauty in my collections; from coastal waters to mountains and forests to nurtured backyard flower gardens and neighborhood vegetable plots.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and visiting my website!